Imagine a multi-day getaway in a serene and inspiring location, surrounded by abundant nature and enveloped in tranquility. This is precisely what our therapeutic vacations offer—a perfect formula for temporarily stepping away from the ordinary routines of home and finding respite.

Nestled in the captivating landscapes of Cathar country, bathed in the sunny allure of South France, and embraced by the breathtaking beauty of the Pyrenees, our retreat provides a unique setting. It serves as a nurturing sanctuary, where the healing process can unfold deeply. Unlike traditional therapy sessions held in clinical environments, we believe in the power of intensive, short-term therapy within a non-clinical setting. By immersing ourselves in this therapeutic journey, we can liberate ourselves from the demands of everyday life.

Our offerings

  • Couples Retreats: embark on an immersive vacation, where you and your partner dedicate focused time to strengthen and enhance your relationship. It’s a refreshing and effective alternative to conventional couples therapy.

  • Personal Breakthrough Retreats: Tailored to your individual needs, these retreats provide specialized therapeutic coaching. Whether you seek guidance in navigating life’s challenges, require support in preventing or recovering from depression and burnout, or have profound questions about your life purpouse, we are here to accompany you on your unique path.

  • Sabbatical Retreats: Take a minimum of three weeks to embark on a transformative sabbatical, disconnecting from the demands of everyday life. Immerse yourself in a natural environment that invites stillness and self-reflection. This rejuvenating experience includes personalized coaching to ensure your journey is supported every step of the way.

Our vision is rooted in restoring disrupted connections, regardless of the specific challenges you may face. We firmly believe that every psychological struggle stems from a sense of alienation and isolation. Since 2011, Assaladou has been a therapeutic haven—a place where you can restore profound connections with yourself, your loved ones, nature, and the transcendent. Our aim is to empower you to rediscover the fullness of life and find profound meaning ans ‘joie de vivre’ once again.