Our mission: sustainable and inspiring holidays

L’Assaladou is an inspirational holiday retreat surrounded by a luscious nature, at the foothills of the Pyrenees, in the middle of the Southern French Cathar country.  Here you can enjoy a rejuvenating holiday in a more sustainable way.

A longer stay (like a vacation of more than a week, a sabbatical, a retreat …) in an inspiring place, in the midst of an abundant nature and quietness, is ideal to take a step back from the hectic pace of everyday life and to take a new look on life.

Our vision:
re-connect with the essentials as the ultimate goal of vacation

Inspirational living is the antidote for alienation. Alienation means that we are cut off from the things that should fundamentally and inseparably be part of us. It undermines and weakens our existence, and hence our wellbeing. The end result can even be an existential crisis, all too often in the guise of mental complaints, illness or a general malaise because you feel something is missing in your life.

As human beings we can become alienated/separated on 4 levels: fysically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Stayingat L’Assaladou invites you to explore accordingly and focus on these 4 levels. Our mission is to stimulate people to connect (more deeply) with their 4 ‘life sources’: nature (including sensing their own body), their own needs & emotions, other people and their own deep inspiration or ‘soul’.