A revolutionary way of relationship & marriage counseling

As a couple, you may experience the feeling of being off track. You repeatedly ask yourself, ‘Is this it?’ Perhaps your loving connection has been overshadowed by the challenges of daily life and as a result you find yourselves drifted apart. Or maybe your relationship is under pressure, possibly due to a special event or enduring stressful circumstances?

Do you long to rediscover and nurture the lost connection, allowing your relationship to flourish once again? Or do you simply want to get more out of your relationship?

Consider trying something different from the traditional couples therapy in a ‘clinical setting,’ where you as a couple can quickly feel like there’s something wrong with you and your relationship.

Our cutting edge couples therapy approach, in a relaxed vacation setting provides customized guidance and supports your growth opportunities as a couple in a profound, yet enjoyable and even humorous way, whether it’s dealing with a relationship crisis or deepening a well-functioning relationship.A revolutionary way of relationship & marriage counseling.

The decision to book an intensive couples retreat was a conscious one, to break free from the repetitive patterns in our relationship. Thanks to the exceptional relationship coaching provided by this amazing couple, we succeeded! (Belgium, hetero couple with new blended family, together 5 years)

We stumbled upon Kim and Katrin completely by chance when we were searching for a vacation cottage. Initially, we were a bit skeptical because we didn’t want to deal with relationship issues while on vacation. However, our concerns quickly vanished when we were greeted by these two incredible individuals who created a warm and inviting atmosphere. (Belgian, homo couple with blended family, together 4 years)

Relationship Renewal & Vacation: a magical blend

It involves a tailored program where you combine vacation with daily or semi-daily sessions at L’Assaladou.

Between sessions you can cocoon together on the estate or enjoy fun excursions in the region. The possibilities are abundant—it’s up to you!

In addition to the couples sessions, you will receive personalized assignments to work on together during your stay. Every meeting will be started with a debreefing on your progress made so far. We’ll build every session upon this progress, to ensure optimal traction. This intensive and experiential approach guarantees quick and tangible results to take home. You’ll leave with a dramatically different experience of your relationship.

The stunning natural surroundings, the peacefulness, and our cozy glamping cottage all played their part in facilitating our journey. Grateful for the transformative experience, we leave with renewed energy and a hopeful outlook for the future as we head back home. (Belgian, hetero couple with new blended family, together 7 years)

From the very first session, it was evident that they understood the core of our frustrations, both big and small. They provided us with practical tools to address these issues right away, leading to meaningful and intimate conversations within our relationship. The subsequent sessions had aneven more profound impact on our relationship. This safe and nurturing environment combined with Kim & Katrin’s advanced professionalism allowed us to confront and heal old wounds. (Belgian, homo couple with blended family, together 4 years)

Intensive EFT Relationship counseling based on the Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy model (EFT, Sue Johnson)

Kim and Katrin guide you from couple to couple. They draw upon more than a decade of experience and expertise as couples therapists, as well as their own experiences in their marriage, seasoned with a healthy dose of humor and playfulness.

Their approach goes beyond conflict resolution and communication problems. They delve into the core issue—the ‘injured attachment’ between you as a couple. This has been found to be the true cause of other problems and conflicts. They provide you with tools to restore your relationship to the safe base and haven it should be.

In other words:

While other therapies often get stuck in ‘talking about problems,’ Kim and Katrin address the true cause of your negative interaction pattern and restore your attachment. Research shows that this is the only path to lasting change.

In addition to EFT, to make couples counseling even more experiential, other body-oriented approaches and tools will be used.

Right from day one, we experienced a sense of safety and warmth that allowed us to truly open up to each other. With Kim and Katrin’s unwavering support and gentle guidance during the EFT-intensive program, we learned so much valuable things every single day. (Belgium, hetero couple with new blended family, together 7 years)

This experience has been a true gift, not only for our relationship, which has blossomed with love and understanding ever since, but also for our personal growth. We now possess a toolbox of strategies to navigate any future challenges that may arise. Moreover, our vacation became so much more than just a getaway—it became a transformative journey. Thank you, Kim and Katrin, for your expertise, warmth, and guidance. We are incredibly grateful for the profound impact you’ve had on our lives. (Belgian, homo couple with blended family, together 4 years)

Accommodation and Conditions

A minimum duration of 5 days at L' Assaladou is required, but longer stays are recommended as they allow us to achieve much more.
The ideal option is 12 hours of therapy spread over the length of your stay. Within that time, we can accomplish a great deal. Fewer hours on location are also possible, in combination with online follow-up.

Optionally, to save some time, the required quick-start package of 4 sessions can be completed in advance via Zoom. Or it can just be part of your couples intensive retreat.
Prior to any session or stay, we will have a free online consult with you via Zoom Video Call to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have and to ensure you know what to expect.