Couples Intensives

Rekindle Your Romance in the South of France!

Our marriage retreats are life- and love-changing. We offer a unique blend of vacation with an intensive couples coaching, intimately set amidst the stunning Pyrenees mountains.

This unique dream holiday guides you past relationship hurdles and reignites your shared passion. Join us and experience a wonderful love renaissance in the South of France!

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Breaktrough Retreats

1-on-1 Life-Coaching in Nature

Discover our unique therapeutic sanctuary tucked within a landscape of pristine natural beauty at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains in the South of France.
This tranquil haven presents the perfect milieu to unwind, delve deeper into self-understanding, and spark transformation.
Here, our coaching retreats bring you nature-Inspired pathways to new breakthroughs, within a stunning holiday experience.

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Eco-Glamping Cabins

Revitalize Amongst Nature

Enjoy a luxurious eco-glamping experience with stunning mountain views, where tranquility meets charm in a cosy wooden mountain cabin.

Unearth new perspectives, resolve relationship hitches, and embrace personal evolution - all while basking in the rustic allure of our eco-lodge.

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Serene Cottages

Comfort Meets Nature in Our Charming Gîtes

Rediscover harmony with your loved ones in our quaint gîtes or chalets. These serene lodges offer an idyllic retreat to absorb new insights and experiences, creating the perfect foundation for personal growth. And they provide an enchanting home base from which to delve into the awe-inspiring beauty of the surrounding region.

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Natural Campsite

Retreat, Reflect, and Recharge in the Pristine Wilderness

Immerse yourself in tranquil seclusion at our naturally shaded campsite. Whether you prefer a tent, caravan, or mobile home, our serene spot has a place for your preferred retreat.
Delight in the freshness of the pristine outdoors and the majesty of the Pyrenees at our campsite - a perfect blend of comfort and untouched nature.

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An Ecological Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in the essence of sustainable living at L'Assaladou. Here, we celebrate the nourishing bond between body, mind, and nature. As our guest, you'll witness the tangible benefits of a life interwoven with the pristine beauty and rich biodiversity of our green oasis, spread over 6 hectares. Our commitment to conserving this verdant paradise ensures our guests enjoy an unparalleled experience of purity.

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Fully Unwind with our Long Stay Deals

from the second week onwards!

Enjoy discounts of up to 60% off for the entirety of your inspiration vacation, beginning from your second week.

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