Sustainable Tourism in a Herbal Paradise

An important educational aspect of the holiday retreat L’Assaladou is the fact that we want to give our visitors a taste of a ‘sustainable lifestyle’, closer to and with a deeper respect for nature.

One of the prime examples of this is the picking and processing of wild edible and medicinal plants and herbs in and around the vacation retreat. By picking in an ethicly & ecologicely sound way, we aim to contribute to the longlasting thriving of  biodiversity in this region. In this way, wild herb foraging becomes taking care of the plants, like they also take care of us. We love to share our know-how of herbs with our visitors!


In short, L’Assaladou is in every way the place for a sustainable holiday. Ecologically sustainable, but also mentally sustainable, because you will always carry these holiday experiences with you. Here, we aim to pass on and cultivate important values, that give meaning to life: connection with nature, with each other, with yourself and with your sources of inspiration.