Herbal Wealth

Living sustainably also means making respectful use of the wealth of herbs that surround us. Herbs are sustainably wild harvested and cultivated here, in the context of protecting and optimizing biodiversity. The herbs are equally transformed into beneficial drinks, ointments, cleaning products and more.

Discover our Herbal Sanctuary

Protection of Biodiversity

L'Assaladou is a refuge for bees and butterflies. Through adapted planting and protection of wild nectar flowers, we have created a paradise for these pollinators.
The place is teeming with a vast diversity of wildflowers and plants. We protect them by removing invasive species and providing more space for native plant richness.
We practice sustainable (wild) herb harvesting. This promotes the health and reproduction of plants while adding value instead of depleting it.
Regarding our meadow policy, we employ the principle of 'deferred mowing,' often applied in nature reserves. This allows for the natural reproduction cycles of regional flora to take place.


Here you can effortlessly recycle all your waste.

Our chickens are experts in processing green waste and enriching the soil.
We up-cycle many materials in many ways, for example, the construction of the educational herb garden was done using recycled wood and stone tiles from the previous swimming pool.

Ecological and Social Construction

Our Eco Glamping Huts, the entire reception area, the barrel-shaped sauna, all original compost toilets, and numerous unique furniture pieces are made from sustainably sourced local wood, processed in our own wood workshop. Many young people and adults facing difficulties have participated in our ecological-social workshop.


Green electricity from renewable sources
Low-consumption lamps throughout the entire domain
Solar-powered night lighting
In most accommodations, there are no high-consumption electrical appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves, coffee makers, electric kettles, etc. Sustainable and charming alternatives are provided, such as whistling kettles and manual coffee makers.

Ecological Household

with Home Made Plant Based Products

Katrin creates her own ecological household products based on plants and essential oils. They thoroughly clean and disinfect all spaces without harmful effects on our health and the environment. The powerful natural sprays and diffusers disinfect the air without leaving behind toxic substances.


A stay at L'Assaladou is the perfect opportunity to do a digital detox. Away from screens and Wi-Fi, it becomes much easier to be present in the here and now.
To reduce electromagnetic radiation, we have buried a thick copper cable throughout the electrical network for optimal grounding. For our internet connection, we have chosen to use Ethernet cables as much as possible. Wi-Fi is available in and around the reception area.