Long Stay

It can be so rewarding to take a longer break from the hustle and bustle of the frantic pace of everyday life. Staying more than 2 weeks at Assaladou, we saw many people getting revitalized whom returned home with great enthusiasm and and sometimes even with a sense of purpose. You can stay up to 3 months, in the rental of your choice. We have special discounts for a + 2 weeks stay, from the 3rd week onward.

Long Stay Deals

From the end of the second week, our long stay reductions kick in:

  • If you book on our site, you globally get up to -65% for an accommodation (or -58% on the campsite)
  • From one month onward, the reduction even rises above -75%!
  • You can stay uninterrupted for a maximum of 3 months.

To know the exact price of your stay, simply pick your dates in the search bar & we price match:

Make your longer stay a personal (re)treat

Out of high season, Assaladou is changing into a really inspiring place of tranquillity, perfectly suitable for:

  • a silent personal retreat or sabbatical
  • writing your book or other writing projects
  • other artistic projects like painting,…
  • long-distance work
  • undisturbed studying
  • recovery from a disruptive event
  • recovery from health issues
  • deeply relaxing/revitalizing
  • a therapeutical intensive with personal counseling sessions, for individuals & couples
  • … … …

Our relaxing & pieceful setting is inviting you to slow down and clear mind & spirit.

The quietess, stunning nature, unspoilt air and friendly atmosphere will help to recharge your batteries and pack you with new energy & good vibes.

Recharge your batteries on your long stay amongst unspoilt nature & enjoy the relaxing and peaceful setting of the domain & larger area.

Any questions? please contact us!