Your hosts

We are Kim and Katrin, your hosts in L ‘Assaladou. We do everything possible to allow you to find some rest here.

We chose L’Assaladou for its sunshine all day, while still having a magnificent mountain view. Our goal is to offer you a truly soothing and relaxing stay, helped by the total silence that reigns here at night.

Were looking forward to meeting you here and being able to show you this beautiful place!

Our history:

In 2011 we decided to leave the crowded suburbs to live in the middle of a wild and abundant nature. Before that time, we both had a practice as life-coach and couple counselors.

On site – trough our non-profit association Existo – we now organise educational & therapeutic vacations, healing broken bonds within couples and families and coaching people into making new choices for a more meaningful life. During your stay with us, you might still take out an (optional) session in that respect. We also provide time-outs for people in difficulties.

You might become interested in herbalism as Katrin, the landlady, specializes in herbal medicine. As a herbalist Katrin creates natural cosmetics, herbal remedies, teas and non-toxic cleaning products. You could participate in a free herbal walk with her, pick some herbs in the fields and visit her octagonal herbal garden.

Or you could take a free personal coaching session during a walk to the forest with Kim, the landlord. Kim also gives free constellation sessions and couple counselling together with Katrin.

English and Dutch are the most used languages for sessions, but Kim can also give a consultation in French

L’Assaladou is a co-operative retreat center, and if you’d ever feel you’d like to lend a little helping hand, that would be more than appreciated.
But don’t feel obliged, you can just as well totally relax and enjoy your holiday!

We chose L’Assaladou for its daylong sunshine, while still possessing a splendid mountain view. Our aim is to offer you a truly calm and restful stay, and the blissful experience of total silence at night.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you, and to be able to show you this magnificent place!